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What services does Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus offer?

Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus services include oil changes, tire sales and installation, brake service, manufacturers service intervals, battery sales and installation, exhaust system installations, fork service, handlebar replacement, bolt-on customizing projects, lighting kits, accessory sales and installations, and general repairs. Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus does not offer major engine repair or rebuild services. Most services are completed while you wait.

What makes of motorcycles and ATVs does Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus service?

Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus services all makes, models and years of motorcycles, ATVs and scooters.

Do I have to have an appointment?

No. Most all of our services are “ride-in ride-out” while you wait services.

Do you sell tires?

Yes. We have a large inventory of motorcycle tires to fit most any make and model of motorcycle.

Do you repair motorcycle tires?

No. We do not patch or plug motorcycle tires.

Can I bring in a tire and have it mounted on my bike.

Yes. Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus will mount and balance tires bought in our shop or new tires carried in by the customer. We do not install used tires.

Can I bring in my wheel and get a tire installed.

Yes. Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus will do a walk-in mount and balance.

How is Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus different from other shops?

Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus is the first “Ride In – Ride Out” motorcycle, ATV and scooter service shop that services all makes and models of motorcycles, ATVs and scooters. We provide convenience, value, customer service and quality in all we do. At Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus you can watch all services being performed through our viewing windows in the customer waiting area. The technician that services your bike can walk into the customer waiting area and talk to you about your service and answer any questions you may have about your bike.

Changing oil is easy. Why would I pay you to do it?

On many bikes changing oil is a simple procedure if you have the right tools and know how…but at Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus it is much more. When Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus completes an oil service, your bike will receive a full bike inspection including tire pressure, tire wear, critical fasteners, safety features, wear items, chain/belt tensions and many more checks. These checks can alert you to potential problems long before they impact the safety of the bike or lead to more damage.

Do the oil and filters used by Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus meet the manufacturer’s warranty requirements?

Yes. Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus features the Castrol line of mineral and synthetic based motorcycle oils, Castrol V-Twin and Act>Evo. Castrol motorcycle oils meet or exceed all manufacturers’ recommendations, and the use of these oils will not void your bike’s warranty. Our staff will work with you to select the proper weight and type of oil to match your specific bike’s requirements. Check out our oil section for specific product information on the Castrol oils we carry.

Why does Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus use K&N and HiFlO filters?

After evaluating many oil filters Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus believes that K&N and HiFlO are the best filters available. K&N and HiFlO filters only use premium quality materials such as prime Tin-Plated steel end caps, special high temperature plastisol, and Microglass/Synthetic enhanced saturated filter media. These high quality parts combine to provide features you won’t find in other motorcycle oil filters on the market. K&N and HiFlO filters meet and exceed all manufacturer warranties and are specifically designed to fit your bike and application

Do I have to have my bike serviced by the dealer to maintain my warranty.

No. There is a federal law called the Magnusin-Moss act that states that a manufacturer cannot require a consumer to only use the manufacturers product or services in order to maintain a warranty unless, the manufacturer/dealer provides the products and services at no charge! The products used must ONLY meet the manufacturers published specifications.

How often should I change my oil?

Most manufacturers recommend oil changes between 2500 and 3000 miles. This varies with your riding style and the time of year. There are new long-life oils that claim to provide protection in the 5000 to 9000 miles range. These oils are specifically designed to promote a longer life. The issue is the contaminants that build up in the oil and the filter. The primary purpose of oil is lubrication but it also acts as a medium to remove sludge and harmful particles in the engine. Oil filters trap these particles and help clean the oil by trapping the particles in the filter medium. The manufacturer’s recommendations for oil change intervals are listed in your bike’s manual. Most often, such recommendations are measured according to “ideal” driving conditions, and in practice you should change the oil more frequently. Motorcycle Xpress lube Plus recommends that oil and filter should be changed every 2500 to 3000 miles.

Should I use synthetic oil?

This is a common question, and one that is dependent on your bike, riding style, what intervals you service the bike and of course…personal preference. Some bikes require synthetic oil to maintain manufacturer’s warranty while with others synthetic oil will impact clutch performance. If you are religious about regular service intervals (3000 miles or less, there is nothing wrong with standard oil. If you push oil services to 5000 – 6000 miles, you may choose to use synthetic oil if applicable to your bike. As always, check your manufacturer’s specifications prior to making a change to synthetic oil. Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus provides Castrol as our base oil, Castrol Act>Evo – a synthetic blend – and Castrol VTWIN and R$ Superbike Synthetic oil. We also carry products and oils designed for ATV, dirt bikes and two-stroke engines.

What is the best tire?

Tires vary greatly by manufacturers, type of tire, compounds, radius, load capacities and many other factors. The best tire for you is really based on the bike and the way you ride. After you have the right size, aspect ratio and type of tire (radial or bias) for your bike, the actual tire that is best for you is based on how you ride. Come in to Motorcycle Xpress Lube Plus and our staff will work with you to find the best tire for you and your bike.



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